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The longevity of your septic system depends on the quality of the installation. Even a custom-designed septic system will encounter problems if it’s not installed right. If you’re going to make the investment in a new septic system for your property, make sure you’re working with a licensed company that takes the time to ensure your system is installed with precision, so it’ll function properly for years to come.

Don’t spend money on a system that’s going to develop problems and fail after just a few years of routine use. Instead, opt for an install by AllStarz Pumping & Engineering and get a system that’s going to last.

AllStarz Pumping & Engineering is your best choice for residential and commercial septic system installation and replacement services in the North Bay Area. We can install complete septic systems for new construction projects or replace just a single component, such as a failing septic tank, leach line, or seepage pit. As an experienced, fully licensed and insured class-A contractor, you can rest assured that we'll give you a high-quality, long-lasting septic system. In addition, we are committed to giving our customers superior service and keep our prices fair and competitive.


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LICENSE #1066075

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